Children are the future, extinction’s last chance

About TIA Charitable Foundation

Based in the UK, TIA Charitable Foundation was created to symbiotically assist children and wildlife in Africa to thrive. Working with a range of people and organisations, we’re making a real difference, but we still need your help. Whether you want to fundraise or volunteer in Africa, we’d love to have you on board. We’re a relatively new charity, but our belief and passion more than make up for this. Our team has experience on similar projects, and each team member is well travelled. Call us now to get involved in one of the most worthwhile causes in the world.


work with animal conservation projects and communities, helping to recruit volunteers to work on reserves, farms, and animal sanctuaries. Volunteers get the chance to work hands-on with the animals, and this is the best way to learn and understand what being a custodian of wildlife is about.

We’re actively involved with various campaigns to help raise awareness and funds for a variety of conservation and community projects. This includes Ride4Rhinos, Plantz4beez, and Use Hair and Nails NOT Horn, and each one is close to our heart

Our Mission

Our mission is:

  • To care for and support children and animals suffering the worst hardship and distress as a result of local conditions or by reason of social, personal or economic circumstances. This will be achieved through provision of residential, educational, vocational, counselling, and personal development facilities at a grass-roots level.
  • To work with partners, other relevant departments, and charitable organisations to help with the following:
    • Supporting disadvantaged, abused, orphaned, and abandoned children.
    • Supporting injured, orphaned, and abused animals.
    • Fostering a caring relationship between animals, both wild and domesticated, and humans by developing sustainable training and education programmes to promote animal welfare and good husbandry techniques.
    • Raising awareness of local and global ecology issues and the need to protect this unique environment.

  • To provide opportunities for personal development by establishing facilities for direct international interaction through:
    • Mutual Learning
    • Understanding and sharing of skills through learning initiatives and programmes, with the goal of helping to create a more balanced and peaceful society.

Our Aim

  • To assist in providing stable, caring, and safe home environments for deprived, neglected, and abandoned children, enabling them to escape the circle of poverty in which they are trapped.
  • To assist in providing a safe and secure environment for neglected, injured, orphaned, or abused animals, so they can be rehabilitated and released or cared for in a sanctuary free from the threat of poaching and hunting.
  • To assist in providing training and development for children in conservation and animal welfare, enabling African children to acquire the skills and understanding needed to care for and protect the future wildlife of their country.
  • To assist in developing volunteer programs to support the aims of the foundation and use their skills to develop the project build and learning initiatives.
  • To assist in developing community Learning Centres, specialising in IT, numeracy, and literacy, along with conservation training and animal husbandry for the children, staff, and local communities.
  • To assist with ethical breeding programs to enable gene pools of endangered species to grow and help keep extinction at bay.
  • To assist in developing nature trails as part of an eco tourism initiative for day guests to enjoy the unique environments and surrounding areas and assist in any of the ongoing initiatives if they wish.
  • To develop links with local businesses to support the project and day-to-day activities.

To learn more about volunteering in Africa, contact us now.

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