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Volunteering in Southern Africa

If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime experience where you make a difference, consider becoming a volunteer in Africa. At TIA Charitable Foundation, we give great opportunities to all that want to be involved with the work we’re doing. Whether you want hands-on work, or a role observing and monitoring, we have something for you. Contact us today to find out more about what we do.


  • Life in the African Bush
    Work on farms and reserves to monitor free-roaming animals, such as giraffes, zebras, antelopes, the Big 5, and more.
  • Take a Walk on the Wild Side
    This includes interesting walks to help with the rehabilitation of various animals.
  • Hands-On
    Our hands-on projects help animals to be rehabilitated and released back into the wild. This also includes enrichment activities, feeding, watering, cleaning, treatment, and care for sick, injured, and orphaned animals, occasionally acting as a “surrogate mother”.
  • Education and Community
    The education and community projects help the local community to improve their lives, giving children the chance of a better future.

Current Projects


This project is close to the heart of all at TIA Charitable Foundation. You get the opportunity to learn about conservation, as well as actively contributing to it. You learn about animals, nature, farm management, and even head out to communities, distributing donations and giving any help required. Tracking, monitoring, and relocating animals is also included, and this helps to lessen the threat of humans on the area.

  • Weekly Volunteer Contribution | £375 per Week

Wildlife Tracking and Monitoring

If you love wildlife and photography, this is definitely the project for you. If you’ve ever been on safari, you’ll know how incredible the scenery is, and this is something that we want to protect. Not only are you guaranteed some great photographic opportunities, you’ll also be contributing to the conservation of the reserve and helping to safeguard these fantastic animals.

  • Weekly Volunteer Contribution | TDB

Caring for Baboons

With this project you have opportunity to get involved with every aspect of caring for these naughty little monkeys. Learn about their behaviour, how they help the environment, and why they are being persecuted. You may even find yourself becoming a 'baboon mum' to an orphan in need, and this is a truly amazing experience.

  • Weekly Volunteer Contribution | TBD


This project takes you to a wilder part of Africa, the great country of Namibia. The project is an animal lover’s paradise, and with the chance to get up close and personal with lots of different species, it’s certainly not an experience to be missed. You won't have time to be bored with so much to see and do, so contact us today. Come and make a difference, meet interesting and like-minded people from around the globe, and make lifelong friends, both human and furry!

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